Patrik Lundell  (born 1984), has a diploma in Fine Arts from Basis Art school Stockholm, Sweden 2007.

He has a Fine Art Certificate from Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy where he graduated 2014 with distinction.

He also has a certificate in printmaking from IL Bisonte - International School of Graphic Arts, Florence Italy 2014.


In Patriks art we find his very personal signature of art.

His figures,texts and symbols.

Figures he named: Hobo,Waiter,Gufo,Tony the bird, A bird called Jacky, Octopus and Queen to name a few.


The start came when he created his first figure "Hobo", an homagé for the homeless people.

The androgynous model with the hat and the big earrings.

Patriks symbol for the people living in the streets.. his way to lift their struggle to the surface if you will. To shine spotlight on their daily struggle.


"I got fascinated and inspired by the hobo world, they created their own language by using symbols as a way to communicate and to help each other out.

Symbols written  in the streets that could say : here you can find water, the owner of this house is kind and helpfull etc etc.


I find this  beautiful, that in a communicative way help a fellow human. With nothing to gain in return but to give a helping hand, and most definitly this was a silent agreement in the streets."


"Another figure is Queen, a symbol for all the strong women in my life. Grandmothers,mom,my wife, my sister and a certain friend.

Strong, driven and inspiring women whom with their being  inspire others. In the same way of calling men "king" this is my expression for strong women, all the strong and amazing

women that I look up to."


Patrik always strive to find new medias to express his art, his most recent work are inks that he exhibited

at Sjöliden, Värmdö in 2019.

buy art for the first time or extend your collection? call Patrik on:072 549 6665